Landing Zone

What Is the Landing Zone Safe Off The Street Program?

Landing Zone is Interlink’s safe-off-the-streets program for homeless men. Along with providing a safe facility from alcohol and/or drugs, Landing Zone has five beds, is open all day every day, and has constant staff supervision. This inpatient center is located on the Interlink Counseling Services’ campus in Louisville, Kentucky.

Safe and Comfortable Alcohol and Drug Detoxification

Drug or alcohol detoxification initially begins when an individual stops consuming a substance on which the body has become dependent. Even though the full recovery process from alcohol or drug addiction does not really begin until the detox or withdrawal period has ended, detoxification is the first step in the healing process. Drug and alcohol detoxification should only be attempted in a safe, comfortable environment at a licensed detox center.

Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Detox from alcohol or drug addiction can produce withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to severe. Some acute drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can even be fatal if not treated medically. Some of these withdrawal symptoms are sweating, shaking, headaches, cravings, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, seizures, and convulsions. Often, without medical help, the more severe withdrawal symptoms can become so unbearable that the person experiencing them will begin using again to seek relief from their suffering instead of completing their detoxification.

Regardless of the substance(s) from which a person is detoxifying themselves, there are several factors that should always be considered when deciding on whether to attend a non-medical detox center. The person’s age, current physical condition, how long the person had been addicted to the substance(s), and how much he or she has been consuming on a regular basis is always a concern. Finally, any serious illnesses or conditions that could cause serious complications should be noted before beginning the detoxification.

Although withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and irritating, they are not necessarily dangerous. However, they are often accompanied by the “craving” for more drugs or alcohol, which makes the decision to continue abstinence much more difficult without professional counseling or support. Landing Zone staff is able to decide which level of care is needed. If it is determined that medical detox is needed, the client will be referred to a local hospital.

I’m Ready To Enter Detox! Now What?

Please call Interlink Counseling Services at (502) 964-7147, and let the receptionist know that you are interested in the Landing Zone program, and your call will be directed to an intake coordinator. The intake coordinator will inform you if there are any available beds, or place your name on a waiting list and let you know when one becomes vacant.

What Should I Not Bring?

Considering that Landing Zone is a transitional, homeless shelter program for men in recovery, you must not bring any weapons; this includes any cutting instrument like a straight razor, knife, hatchet, machete, hunting knife, etc. You must not bring any alcohol or drugs; the only exception is medications that are prescribed by a doctor. All medications must be in their original container and labeled appropriately.