For more than twenty years, Wayne Creighton has dedicated his life to assisting men and women overcome alcohol and drug addiction. Starting in the 1980’s, he volunteered for the Narcotics Alcohol and Drugs Education unit with the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, and during 1983, he was employed by Court Referral Services in order to provide alcohol/drug education. Wayne began by doing intake and education referrals for clients with DUI violations, which led him to eventually begin leading and instructing discussion groups and educational classes on the subject of substance abuse. That experience led Wayne in 1986 to the Volunteers of America where he began as a case manager and quickly advanced to the program manger. While acting as the program manager of Volunteers of America, he designed multiple residential treatment programs operating with a half a million-dollar budget.

In 1993, Wayne Creighton formed Interlink Counseling Services, Inc., a non-profit organization located in the Okolona neighborhood of Louisville, KY. His goal was to foster a holistic, transitional, living facility dedicated to the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual restoration of homeless veterans around the US. Furthermore, Wayne designed Interlink to provide highly structured and accountable DUI services and marriage and family therapy in a nurturing environment. Since its initial creation, Interlink has blossomed from providing ten transitional living beds to one of the largest homeless veteran programs in the state of Kentucky with over 100 beds. Along with its previous services, Interlink Counseling Services currently provides a non-medical detoxification facility called the Landing Zone, Harmony House, a 90-day intensive treatment program, and Genesis House, a long-term transitional living facility.

In order to provide an opportunity for permanent supportive housing and to ease the transition into independent living for the veterans who have completed the program at Interlink, Wayne Creighton partnered with Serenity Court Apartments and Coventry Commons to construct apartment complexes for low-income housing. Serenity Court Apartments is currently located on Interlink campus property next to the residential treatment center. Additionally, Wayne created a new business called Kentucky Community Health where professional mental health staff could come and acquire their Continuing Education Units, and he himself teaches several workshops each year. As the years progress, Wayne Creighton continues to fulfill his vision of serving those in need within his community. Recently, he has partnered with the governor of Kentucky and Recovery Kentucky to create the Alternative Recovery Center in Campbellsville, which is a 100 bed facility for men recovering from drug and alcohol abuse over 18 years old.

Along with his Ph.D. in Psychology and Master of Divinity, Wayne Creighton is an ordained minister. In addition to his business prowess, he has accumulated an outstanding amount of awards and certifications throughout his life along with over 800 hours of continued education training in mental health, substance abuse and addiction counseling, relapse prevention, the special needs of veterans, and business skills. Channel 21 asked him to appear on a regular series in which he gave counseling advice to the viewing audience, and Business Today created a segment where they displayed a biography of Wayne Creighton’s life along with a personal interview. Furthermore, Wayne has published several articles in a series entitled, “Ask the Counselor”, and he received the Businessman of the Year Award during two consecutive years along with the title of Honorary Chairman of the Newt Gingrich 1996 Victory Circle from the National Republican Congressional Committee. Indeed, Wayne Creighton has dedicated his life to helping America’s veterans and those with mental health and substance abuse issues by providing them with a full continuum of care.

A few of Wayne Creighton’s most prominent certifications and memberships include:

Certified Forensic Counselor,
American Association of Christian Counselors,
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor,
American Medical Directors Association,
Certified Domestic Violence Counselor IV,
Kentucky Association of Addicted Professionals,
Certified DUI Instructor,
Kentucky DUI Service Provider,
Certified Tobacco Addiction Counselor,
Advanced Clinical Practitioner,
National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors,
Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist I,
National Association of Prevention Professionals and Advocates,
Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor II,
Member National Coalition for Homeless Veterans,
Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor,
Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor