How to Beat the House Edge in Blackjack


Blackjack is played by placing a bet on the cards and then trying to beat the dealer. The objective is to make a score higher than the dealer without getting over 21. However, the blackjack game has some house edge. If you want to decrease the house edge, you should learn the basic rules and follow the recommended tactics.

Firstly, you should decide whether to “Stand” or “Hit” the dealer’s card. If you decide to stand, you will remain with your two cards. On the other hand, you can hit if you are confident that you have an upper hand. You can also double down. Generally, it is best to hit when you have a total of 10 or 11, if you think your next card will be worth 10. This will give you an improved chance of winning.

Secondly, you can choose to buy insurance. When you buy insurance, you bet half of your original bet. This is a good move if the dealer’s face up card is an Ace. But be careful: it only has a 1 in 3 chance of paying. In addition, it is not advisable to buy it if the dealer’s up card is a Jack or Queen.

Lastly, you can consider hitting on a soft 17. This is a very good strategy because there is a 22% chance of victory. However, you should keep in mind that there is a 2% chance of pushing. To make sure you don’t bust, you can scrape your cards off the table and ask the dealer to give you another card.

Blackjack is a game of skill and requires you to be able to think on your feet. There are many variations of the game. Some have low edge, some have a high edge, and others pay even money. Therefore, it is important to know the different versions of the game.

One of the most common ways to lose in blackjack is to bust. Typically, the worst possible blackjack hand is a total of 16 points. Anything above that will give the player a loss. However, this does not affect a player’s winning streak. It is a good idea to avoid going over 21, but if you are unsure, you can take a risk and try to hit.

When playing on a casino, you may notice that there are different rules for different tables. These are generally set by the casino’s regulations. They vary widely from one casino to another. At a high limit table, the minimum bet is usually $100 per hand. A standard payout for a natural is 3 to 2. Another popular variation is 6:5 payouts. Paying this way boosts the house edge by 1.4%.

Blackjack has some of the lowest house edges of any game in casinos. Whether you play on a 3:2 or a 6:5, remember that the house’s edge is still relatively low. Follow the rules, and you should have a good time.

How to Beat the House Edge in Blackjack
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